Save with Jamie: Get rid of the ‘massive f***ing TV’ and ‘shop at markets’ instead… | A GIRL CALLED JACK

An Open Letter

Jamie Oliver. I despair. I really do.

You have absolutely no idea what food poverty really is. How tiring real poverty is. How depressing it can be, and why people might choose a quick, tasty unhealthy hit of cheesey chips or pizza.

Read up on this in The Road to Wigan Pier. Orwell talked about it…the preference for a plate of fish and chips, over a home made wholemeal loaf. The longing for “something a little bit tasty” and a cup of sugary tea, for a quick lift.

I’m not “poor”, by the way, Jamie.. Money is very tight, but I shop in Aldi and Asda. I have the occasional Chinese takeaway ( PDT….payday takeaway!)
I have a couple of bottles of fizzy pop a week, and…steady yourself….buy some chocolate for my girls and me to eat on a Saturday night.  I don’t drink or smoke, Jamie. Do you?

Are you ever really exhausted, Jamie? So much so that the thought of catching the bus to my  nearest market town, a journey of about half an hour minimum, on a Saturday…because I work full time, then spending a couple of hours buying a week’s worth of fruit and veg, plus whatever else your idyllic plan suggests, lugging it home on the bus, doesn’t appeal. I’ve got a problem with fatigue, so I’d rather buy my fruit and veg in Aldi, and save my time and  energy for other things. Like raising my children, my voluntary work, and perhaps a bit of time with my partner.  You know, like I imagine you and your wife do…….

I usually cook from scratch…I prefer not to buy processed foods, but I keep something in the freezer for emergencies. Is that ok with you? It’s not mussels I’m afraid…usually something I can bung in a wrap with some salad. Does that pass the test?

Don’t get me wrong Jamie, I love shopping on Leicester market. The Asian veg and herbs are great. The fruit seems cheap, but barely lasts 48 hours  in the fridge. You can’t choose your produce like you can in Asda, and if you point out damaged fruits, the stall holders get a bit pissy. I can choose exactly what I want in the supermarket, and it’s usually great quality, and lasts. I buy Basics and it’s fine.

So, like
I’ll save my money, and won’t buy your book. I’ll spend it on some Aldi Super6, and enjoy it.

And by the way, Jamie, my telly is 30 inches, and, despite being 40,it’s the only new telly I’ve ever had.

I hope this is letter is ok with you, and helps with the promotion of your new book/ TV series (which I’m sure all us poor people will be watching on our tellies) because I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to get your name splashed all over the media today, was it?


Molly Teaser.


Home grown salad. Eggs from my hens. Asda smartprice onions and peppers. Frittata and salad.


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